The Fat Loss Factor the Right Way to Loss Your Weight in A Natural Way

The Fat Loss Factor is a weight loss system available in form of an eBook that has been written by Dr.Charles Livingstone, who is a very famous Chiropractor and an eminent wellness specialist. This Ebook is considered by many thousands of its users as one of the best ways of getting rid of unwanted fat in your body. This article is an attempt to give an impartial review as to the effectiveness and efficacy of the method described in this eBook to one of the most common yet very critical problem faced by many persons namely obesity.

The Details of the Fact Loss Factor

This fat loss program is designed to give you the required level of fat loss in stages over a period of 12 weeks through dieting. The program starts with a detoxification phase during the first two weeks and during this stage your body will be made to get rid of all the accumulated toxins in your body with the use of natural and organic materials.

After this your body gets ready to burn more fat. During the fat burning phase you are given a list of 15 foods to be used by you. These enhance the power of your body in burning more fat helping  you lose more weight. The diet plan given by The Fat Loss Factor is so effective in maintaining a high metabolism rate. It helps to burn more fat and the diet plan given in this system works well in achieving great and long lasting results in a natural way.

Contents of the Fatloss factor program

This EBook has become one of the popular weight loss products in the market as it has been designed with customers in mind. This comes as a digital product that can be easily and instantly downloaded. This program contains

  • The Fatloss Factor eBook
  • Videos that demonstrate the cleansing process
  • Workout routines
  • Exercise log  and Goal setting guide
  • Foojoo software
  • Grocery shopping list & Recipes EBook
  • Measurement Forms
  • Lifetime  upgrades and one year email coaching

This program also comes with free bonus worth more than $400, though the Fatloss Factor is priced at $46 only. This is available with a $5 trial offer and has a money back guarantee.

The pros of the Fatloss factor program

This program offers many advantages to the users and  helping him

  •  To remove the food cravings
  • To get good sleep
  • In strengthening his immune system
  • Boosts his energy level
  • To follow the program in an easy way
  • In losing weight and building his muscle mass all at the same time
  • To achieve good results at a very reasonable price
  • To get the book instantly and gives a money back guarantee
  • To continue take their favorite dishes

However this program also has some cons such as

  • A very harsh and hard to follow detox phase
  • The food items suggested under the program adds more to the grocery bill
  • Makes it hard to follow if you do not show a high amount of  discipline and commitment leading to higher failure rate

But still  The Fatloss Factor has achieved  a great popularity due to its ability to give the desired level of weight loss  on a permanent basis.

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